Central Station Upgrade in 2023

Central Station Upgrade is one of the big projects in Sydney for 10 years. It is undergoing a major change in 2023. The upgrade will make Central Station more convenient, accessible, and sustainable for travelers.

One of the most significant changes to Central Station will be the addition of new retail and dining experiences. A rooftop bar with stunning views of Sydney City and the harbor will be added, as well as a food hall. These new experiences will make Central Station a more enjoyable place to travel.

In addition to the new retail and dining experiences, Central Station will also be undergoing a number of other improvements. These include:

  • Improved wayfinding: A new wayfinding system allow people to find their way around the station.
  • New transport options: Central Station will be integrated with a number of new transport options. This will make it easier for people to connect to other parts of Sydney and the surrounding area.
  • Sustainability improvements: more sustainable, with a number of new initiatives.
  • Accessibility improvements: more accessible for people with disabilities, with a number of new initiatives.
  • The upgrade to Central Station is a major undertaking, but it will make the station a more convenient, accessible, and sustainable place to travel.

How to Get There from Marco Polo Sydney Hotel

The Marco Polo Sydney Hotel is located in Summer Hill, which is about 4 kilometers from Central Station. You can get there by:

  • Public transportation: Take the bus to the Central Station stop. The bus ride will take about 15 minutes.
  • Car: Drive to Central Station via the Parramatta Road. The drive will take about 10 minutes.

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